Products for Uneven Tone And Discolorations

Uneven tone and discolorations
We all want to find a golden solution for our skin issues. And it's true, there are some things that can really help keep your complexion glowing from the inside out by infusing you with revitalized energy from powerful ingredients like natural Vitamin C or Rock Samphire extract - an ancient natural wonder with natural retinoid-like properties great for restoring radiant skin. But our secret weapon goes even deeper than promising life-giving glow: by amplifying your inner beauty using our cuting edge Signature Complex IMMUNATURNA that stimulates the health of your skin on a cellular level so it looks as happy as you feel.
Natural Azelaic Acid
We use micronized plant-derived Azelaic Acid, which provides excellent comedolytic action to prevent blackheads and lightens the skin through the reversibly inhibiting tyrosinase. Additionally, it stabilizes Vitamin C which makes our formulations even more effective.
reduces appearance of skin discolorations
reduces skin redness
keeps skin pores clean
Clinical Study Results
You don't have to take our word for it. Discover the real results that our daily solution dedicated to skin care of normal skin provides confirmed by clinical trials on subjects with sensitive skin in just after 3 weeks of use!

provides healthy skin look


provides even skin tone

up to -30**

illuminates the skin

* clinical assessment of use ILLUMINATING Micro Exfoliating Mask by subjects aged 18-70
Clean Beauty in the Jar
Composed without any synthetic and toxic ingredients in the sake of the health of your skin and the planet. Contains only 100% natural and natural origin ingredients, including fragrance.
Vegan & Cruelty free
Natural Formulas
Safe for sensitive skin
Biodegradable ingredients
Meet our Founder


before icon VERDILAB is my personal contribution for the betterment of the health of our skin and our planet. after icon

My dream was clear - I wanted to create 100% natural and non-toxic skincare that has a power to support immunity of the skin. To go beyond Clean Beauty offering cosmetics without any synthetics or irritants. Because I believe in the healing power of pure nature, and I want to share this power with you. If we know nature well, understand it intimately and use it properly, it can do miracles, changing our skin, our body, and our life for the better. That is why I would like to inspire You to re-think and revise Your approach to beauty. For the sake of Your health and Our environment. I’m Victoria, a 3rd generation medical doctor with over a decade of hands-on experience in the cosmetics industry.

Meet our Founder
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